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Children and Worship, developed by Sonja M. Stewart and Jerome W. Berryman, is a program that helps children worship in a special place apart from the worshiping congregation so they become able to worship meaningfully with the congregation. The children not only learn about God, they encounter and experience God.

Emphasis is placed on the “special place” in which we experience, worship, and praise God. We greet one another and sing songs to ready ourselves for the “special place.” The children learn how to find the quiet place within, which enables them to get ready to worship “all by themselves” rather than sit in church in an imposed silence.

Through the use of instructional materials, including wooden figures, miniature sets and props, Bible stories and parables are taught. The children then respond to the Word through art work, books, and story materials. The day’s story is found in the Bible and shared with the children. After a common prayer time of thanksgiving we partake in a “feast.” The worship time concludes with a blessing for each child before departure.

Here at First Baptist, Judy Friesen has gathered a team of adult storytellers and young adult greeters to offer Children and Worship to our children, three to eight years old. The team of storytellers have all been trained through regional conferences and workshops. We invite you and your children to share in this excellent program.

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