Our Future

As we look to the future, we believe that there are exciting possibilities to deepen our relationship to God and to strengthen our commitment to each other, our community and the world at large.

Our foundation was, is and always will be the Word of God and so we will conduct ourselves, to the best of our ability and with the help of God, as true disciples, adhering to ethical and moral standards as exemplified by Jesus, in thought, word and deed. We will be guided by time tested traditions that enhance contemporary thinking to make the Word alive and relevant in any society, environment or age. We will seek to be more responsive to the needs of our congregation, community and the world, by listening to, learning from, and working with everyone–young, middle and aged, from every socioeconomic level, and cultural background–so that the Gospel would be embraced and lived by, everywhere.

Specifically, we seek the following:

  • To continue Worship services that inspire and encourage us through Biblical and practical preaching, prayer, and a music experience from a mixture of classical, contemporary, traditional and Black Gospel hymns and selections, utilizing a variety of musical accompaniments.
  • To develop ministries that address the needs of young families with children, youth, young adults and professionals, middle age individuals, and seniors, to make our message more attractive and relevant to their differing life stages.
  • To grow spiritually through a greater understanding of our faith by integrating it daily into our work and relationships, and faithfulness in prayer, Bible study, regular church attendance and small group fellowship.
  • To build on our caring outreaches to our congregation, community and the world, by being more intentional, compassionate and understanding so that through us, God’s love comes to life in times of need.
  • To be faithful in carrying out the responsibilities of lay leadership, working hand in hand with our Pastoral leadership, to increase efficiency in operations, improve communication, and be better stewards of resources that God has blessed us, including our building, activities, programs and gifts for our congregation and others.
  • To continue our strong financial support of our church’s ministries, operations, and Missions.
  • To emphasize our relationship with ABC/USA and its affiliates, and pursue opportunities to unite with other churches and agencies within and outside our community for fellowship and service.

By invoking Diving Wisdom in decision making, resolving conflicts, planning and execution of goals, strategies and objectives, may our efforts glorify God.